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Sometimes we all need a little guidance with our boat projects. 
We are here to help with whatever challenge comes your way - no problem is too small! 

Our specialties are in solar & battery upgrades and system design, including LiFePO4 conversions as well as solar arches with dinghy davits.

programming after a conversion

No matter the project at hand, we can help nail down a clear system design, suggest trusted product suppliers and provide step-by-step guidance for you to succeed in your DIY projects onboard.

Overhead shot

The basis of every electrical system is power generation and storage. To spend more time off the dock and less time stressing about low batteries, we highly recommend outfitting your vessel with solar & LiFePO4 batteries. We'll help size your solar array and battery bank to your power consumption, as well as familiarize you with its inner workings.

upgraded charger

It's easy to get overwhelmed when upgrading a big component such as a new inverter/charger, windlass or watermaker. We've done many installs of this kind and can help break the project down into bite size pieces, providing you with wiring diagrams, parts lists, 1:1 chat and zoom calls to make sure your install goes smoothly and everything turns out as you planned. 

Downwind run

Thinking about swapping the ole diesel engine for electric propulsion? Reach out - we are working on the forefront of this exciting technology to help more boats go electric.


When I undertook the installation of a new 12V charging system on my 35-foot boat, including a conversion to LiFePO4 batteries, addition of solar panels, and the upgrading of many other components I reached out to Spirit Marine Services for guidance. I'm glad I did! Jack was thoughtful and insightful in reviewing the system design and made excellent suggestions that greatly benefited the overall installation.

If you're considering undertaking electrical work on your boat I HIGHLY recommend Spirit Marine Services.

Ben S.

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