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We're Jack and Sonya.

Spirit Marine Services was born in 2017 from our passion for sailing and DIY boat repair. We are young, hardworking and creative individuals with an extensive background in sailing, mechanics, repair and marine retrofitting.
Our focus is on providing the best quality of service and advice when it comes to your marine needs. We offer a range of marine consulting services, such as system design, boat buying, project guidance with parts ordering and wiring diagrams.
With our comprehensive knowledge and expertise, we are confident our services will meet and exceed your expectations.
Jack & Sonya
Anchor 1


Sailboat bow at sunset, for boat consulting


Customized guidance with:

- DIY Project planning & guidance

- Parts selection & sourcing

- Wiring diagram creation

- Liveaboard/Cruising prep

- Boat Shopping

Sailboat Lines hanging on the boat railing, for Systems Upgrades


Remote & onsite assistance with:

- Battery sizing, LiFePO4 conversions & solar sizing

- Solar upgrades

- Watermakers

- Chargers/Inverters

- Windlass & winches

- Electric Propulsion

Monthly Marine Maintenance
(San Francisco Bay)

Spirit Marine Services provides monthly maintenance services for vessels throughout San Francisco Bay. 

It's our goal to keep your vessel well kept so you can truly enjoy your time onboard, not having to stress about keeping things clean! We treat every boat as our own, providing monthly interior and exterior cleanings as well as helping schedule boatyard haul-outs and other maintenance items as they arise.

We're here for you and your vessel!
Please fill out the contact form below or book a 15 minute discovery call to get started.



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Sailboat bow with anchor over glassy ocean water
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