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Electric Propulsion Motor

Powerflow Marine 15kW 

This model replaces diesel engines up to 45HP. All 316 stainless construction, serviceable thrust bearings, no one off parts that are hard to find and an informative high quality display. 

216Ah 48V LiFePO4 Battery

High performance LiFePO4 battery with 350Amp discharge rate, Aluminum IP67 rated case, internal contractor, internal BMS and Can Bus connectivity. 

11kWh Capacity. 

This battery comes with a 35A charger.

Display for B15 system
B15 electric motor

Component Selection

We can design your system for day sailing with shore power charging or off grid solar configuration. Wiring diagram creation, component selection and parts planning to match your system needs. 


This is what your Boat Report will look like. With this Boat Report a link for a 1hr complementary meeting will be added to go over the initial conversion questions. 

Jim I..png
Boat report for electric motor customer
Jim I.-2.png

Check out a fully converted Passport 42.

Free Boat Report

We'll match your vessel specs with our calculator for range & power estimates.

Be on the look out for your Boat Report

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